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[core, ios, osx] Only constrain after adding to a window
Introduced a setter/getter for constrain mode. On iOS and OS X, the zoom level inspectable causes the zoom level to be set independently from the longitude and latitude. Thus, the latitude inspectable had no effect because the latitude was constrained to 0 at z0. Temporarily removing the heightwise constraint allows the map to center on the intended location before zooming, which is the usual case for storyboards and XIBs. On iOS, the only guarantee we have timing-wise is that all the inspectables are applied after initialization but before the view is added to a window. So we reimpose the heightwise constraint as soon as the view is added to a window, that is, before the user has a chance to pan the map out of bounds. Fixes #3868.
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@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ Known issues:
- Corrected the dynamic framework’s minimum deployment target to iOS 8.0. ([#3872](
- Fixed Fabric compatibility. ([#3847](
- Fixed a crash that can occur when reselecting an annotation. ([#3881](
+- Fixed an issue preventing the Latitude inspectable from working when it is set before setting the Zoom Level inspectable in Interface Builder. ([#3886](
- Fixed an issue preventing `-[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:tapOnCalloutForAnnotation:]` from being called when a non-custom callout view is tapped. ([#3875](
## iOS 3.1.0