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## iOS 3.1.0
- The SDK is now distributed as a dynamic framework instead of a static library, resulting in a simpler installation workflow and significantly reduced download size. The framework contains both simulator and device content. If you install the dynamic framework manually, you’ll need to strip out the simulator content before submitting your application to the App Store due to [an Xcode bug](; see the installation instructions included with the framework for details. ([#3183](
-- Fixed an issue causing the entire MGLMapView to leak. ([#3447](
+- Fixed an issue causing the entire MGLMapView to leak. ([#3448](
- `MGLMapView` methods that alter the viewport now accept optional completion handlers. ([#3090](
- You can now modify an annotation’s image after adding the annotation to the map. ([#3146](
- Tapping now selects annotations more reliably. Tapping near the top of a large annotation image now selects that annotation. An annotation image’s alignment insets influence how far away the user can tap and still select the annotation. For example, if your annotation image has a large shadow, you can keep that shadow from being tappable by excluding it from the image’s alignment rect. ([#3261](