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[ios] Fixed entering tracking mode at launch
Entering user tracking mode at launch now zooms in and shows the user dot or user puck. The user dot’s heading indicator now points in the correct direction during the animation to the initial location. Course changes are reflected immediately even in the absence of location changes. Fixes #1145.
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@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@ Known issues:
- MGLMapCamera’s `altitude` values now match those of MKMapCamera. ([#3362](
- MGLMapView properties like `centerCoordinate` and `camera` now offset the center to account for any translucent top or bottom bar. As a result, when user tracking is enabled and the map view is an immediate child of a view controller, the user dot is centered in the unobscured portion of the map view. To override this offset, modify the `contentInset` property; you may also need to set the containing view controller’s `automaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets` property to `NO`. ([#3583](
- In user tracking mode, the user dot stays in a fixed position within MGLMapView while the map pans smoothly. A new property, `userLocationVerticalAlignment`, determines the user dot’s fixed position. ([#3589](
+- When the user tracking mode is set to `MGLUserTrackingModeFollowWithCourse`, an optional `targetCoordinate` is kept within sight at all times as the user changes location. This property, in conjunction with the `userLocationVerticalAlignment` property, may be useful for displaying the user’s progress toward a waypoint. ([#3680](
+- Heading or course tracking mode can now be enabled as soon as an MGLMapView is initialized. ([#3680](
- Zooming and rotation gestures no longer disable user tracking mode. ([#3589](
- User tracking mode starts out at a lower zoom level by default. ([#3589](
- Fixed an issue with small map views not properly fitting annotations within bounds. (#[3407](