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[ios] Avoid the blue background location status bar
Apps with `whenInUse` location permission will show a blue status bar when they continue to use location services after leaving the foreground. This is worrying and to be avoided, so let's disable telemetry location services in this situation. Fixes #2945
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@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ Known issues:
- Fixed an issue with users not being counted by Mapbox if they had disabled telemetry. ([#3495](
- Fixed crash caused by MGLAnnotationImage with non-integer width or height ([#2198](
- Fixed “include of non-modular header” errors in Swift projects managed by CocoaPods. ([#3679](
+- Avoids triggering the blue background location status bar when user has granted "when in use" permission. ([#3671](
## iOS 3.0.1