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[ios] Converted iOS SDK into dynamic framework
make iproj now produces a target that pulls together static libraries like core and platform-ios into a real dynamic framework. iosapp is pretty much just a regular iOS application that links Mapbox.framework (except for the inclusion of default_styles.hpp). iosapp runs fine in the Simulator and on a device, and the same is true for any application linking against Mapbox.framework. The ipackage target produces both a Bitcode-disabled static framework and a Bitcode-enabled dynamic framework, eliminating the need for a separate It disables code signing, since that happens on copy when the framework is embedded inside the application bundle. It also merges the device and simulator builds into a single fat framework. Also bumped itest minimum deployment target to iOS 8.0, the first version that supports linking frameworks. Fixes #828.
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## iOS master
+- The SDK is now distributed as a dynamic framework instead of a static library, resulting in a simpler installation workflow and significantly reduced download size. The framework contains both simulator and device content; due to [an Xcode bug](, you’ll need to strip out the simulator content before submitting your application to the App Store. ([#3183](
- Fixed an issue causing the entire MGLMapView to leak. ([#3447](
- `MGLMapView` methods that alter the viewport now accept optional completion handlers. ([#3090](
- You can now modify an annotation’s image after adding the annotation to the map. ([#3146](