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[ios] Maintain user tracking, anchor on user dot during zoom, rotate
Per MapKit behavior, zooming or rotating with a gesture can no longer kick the user out of user tracking mode. In user tracking mode, the zoom animation is always anchored on the user dot, wherever it may be.
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@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Known issues:
- MGLMapCamera’s `altitude` values now match those of MKMapCamera. ([#3362](
- MGLMapView properties like `centerCoordinate` and `camera` now offset the center to account for any translucent top or bottom bar. As a result, when user tracking is enabled and the map view is an immediate child of a view controller, the user dot is centered in the unobscured portion of the map view. To override this offset, modify the `contentInset` property; you may also need to set the containing view controller’s `automaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets` property to `NO`. ([#3583](
- In user tracking mode, the user dot stays in a fixed position within MGLMapView while the map pans smoothly. A new property, `userLocationVerticalAlignment`, determines the user dot’s fixed position. ([#3589](
-- The user dot’s callout view is now centered above the user dot. It was previously offset slightly to the left. ([#3261](
+- Zooming and rotation gestures no longer disable user tracking mode. ([#3589](
- Fixed an issue with small map views not properly fitting annotations within bounds. (#[3407](
- When the user rotates the map to within 7° of true north, the map view now snaps to true north. ([#3403](
- The map view’s background can now be transparent or translucent, as long as the style’s background layer is transparent or translucent and `MGLMapView.opaque` is set to `NO`. ([#3096](