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[ios, osx] Exclude misses from nearby annotations
After filtering out elements of a vector using std::remove_if(), it’s apparently necessary to resize the vector. Otherwise, removing only has the effect of shifting the non-matching items to the end of the vector. This change reduces the annotation tap target back to almost what it was before #3261, except that these days the target is centered around the annotation image rather than the center point. There remains a much smaller slop area around the annotation, but nothing close to the effective padding before this change. Fixes #3880.
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@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ Known issues:
- Fixed Fabric compatibility. ([#3847](
- Fixed a crash that can occur when reselecting an annotation. ([#3881](
- Fixed an issue preventing the Latitude inspectable from working when it is set before setting the Zoom Level inspectable in Interface Builder. ([#3886](
+- Fixed an issue that incorrectly expanded the tappable area of an annotation and prevented the annotation’s alignment rect insets from having any effect on the tappable area. ([#3898](
- Fixed an issue preventing `-[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:tapOnCalloutForAnnotation:]` from being called when a non-custom callout view is tapped. ([#3875](
## iOS 3.1.0