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## iOS master
- Offline packs can now be downloaded to allow users to view specific regions of the map offline. A new MGLOfflineStorage class provides APIs for managing MGLOfflinePacks. ([#4221](
-- Fixed screen coordinates for LatLng coordinates accross the antimeridian. ([#4155](
-- Fixed a bounce-back effect when panning the map. ([#4214](
+- The user dot no longer disappears after panning the map across the antimeridian at low zoom levels. ([#4275](
+- The map no longer recoils when panning quickly at low zoom levels. ([#4214](
- An icon laid out along a line no longer appears if it would extend past the end of the line. Some one-way arrows no longer point the wrong way. ([#3839](
-- Reduce slanted segments in dashed lines near corners. ([#3914](
-- Telemetry location gathering now only occurs when the device is in motion. ([#4115](
+- Fixed warping of dashed lines near sharp corners. ([#3914](
+- Telemetry location gathering now occurs only when the device is in motion. ([#4115](
- An account’s monthly active users metric only counts a user once a map view is displayed to that user. ([#3713](
- Updated documentation to reflect the requirement that you must embed the framework in the “Embedded Binaries” section in Xcode. ([#4011](
- Polygons and polylines now default to using the map view’s tint color. ([#4028](