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[core] Coordinate wrapping fixes
- Make returning LatLngs unwrapped by default. - PointAnnotation and ShapeAnnotation are always wrapped so they can be selected via intersection from the visible tile boundaries. - Fixes LatLng::wrap() calculation. - Fixes LatLng::unwrapForShortestPath() calculation. The new unwrapForShortestPath algorithm unwraps the start coordinate either forwards or backwards depending on the end coordinate value, so we can always cross the antimeridian when needed and still obtain a wrapped end coordinate in the end. Fixes #4214.
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## iOS master
+- Fixed a bounce-back effect when panning the map. ([#4214](
- An icon laid out along a line no longer appears if it would extend past the end of the line. Some one-way arrows no longer point the wrong way. ([#3839](
- Reduce slanted segments in dashed lines near corners. ([#3914](
- Telemetry location gathering now only occurs when the device is in motion. ([#4115](