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[core] mason geojsonvt-
- [osx] set -fvisibility-inlines-hidden in gyp/common.gypi to silence mismatched visibility linker warnings - [linux] set cxx_host in GYP_FLAGS to set -fabi-version=0 on gcc builds to use clang-built mason binaries - [ios] update symbol visibility for iOS tests - [ios] link libgeojsonvt.a in iOS tests xcodeproj - add libgeojsonvt.a to General -> Linked Frameworks and Libraries - add mason_packages (recursive) to Build Settings -> Library Search Path - [ios] add libuv and geojsonvt first in iOS libtool smush to ensure symbols are found by later compilation units where they are undefined
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path = platform/ios/vendor/SMCalloutView
url =
-[submodule "src/mbgl/util/geojsonvt"]
- path = src/mbgl/util/geojsonvt
- url =