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* Release Dröge2016-03-2473-99/+1020
* Update .po filesSebastian Dröge2016-03-2441-41/+41
* deinterleave: Use GstIterator for iterating all pads instead of manually iter...Sebastian Dröge2016-03-171-48/+72
* deinterlace: Fix typo to not change the input caps but our filtered capsVivia Nikolaidou2016-03-171-2/+2
* Release 1.7.911.7.91Sebastian Dröge2016-03-1573-109/+342
* Update .po filesSebastian Dröge2016-03-1539-39/+39
* po: Update translationsSebastian Dröge2016-03-152-14/+14
* rtpmanager: Some comment and documentation clarifications/fixesNirbheek Chauhan2016-03-152-9/+9
* Revert "flacparse: push tags in pre_push_frame"Sebastian Dröge2016-03-131-6/+0
* win32: Don't use __attribute__ on MSVCNirbheek Chauhan2016-03-103-6/+23
* win32: Don't try to include xmath.h on newer Visual StudioNirbheek Chauhan2016-03-101-2/+3
* gst Factor out endian-order RGB formatsNirbheek Chauhan2016-03-104-24/+28
* dirctsoundsink: Setting volume should not unmuteThomas Roos2016-03-081-2/+2
* dirctsoundsink: Fix volume reset on unmuteThomas Roos2016-03-081-1/+2
* v4l2object: fix capture with bayer formats other than bggrAlban Bedel2016-03-081-1/+11
* qtdemux: reset pending segment if we are already pushing oneThiago Santos2016-03-071-0/+2
* qtdemux: run gst-indentThiago Santos2016-03-071-8/+10
* v4l2: fix colorimetry for NV12Josep Torra2016-03-071-4/+13
* udpsrc: Fix multicast group joining with provided sockets on WindowsSebastian Dröge2016-03-041-4/+33
* Revert "rtpjitterbuffer: don't forget to unlock mutex in error code path in t...Sebastian Dröge2016-03-021-2/+0
* flacparse: push tags in pre_push_frameLuis de Bethencourt2016-03-011-0/+6
* Release 1.7.901.7.90Sebastian Dröge2016-03-0174-135/+838
* Update .po filesSebastian Dröge2016-03-0130-30/+30
* po: Update translationsSebastian Dröge2016-03-0111-485/+123
* rtpjitterbuffer: don't forget to unlock mutex in error code path in two casesTim-Philipp Müller2016-03-011-0/+2
* matroska-demux: remove impossible conditionLuis de Bethencourt2016-02-291-1/+1
* alpha: Fix sample pipelinePetr Viktorin2016-02-281-5/+6
* rgvolume: make tag list writable before modifying itTim-Philipp Müller2016-02-282-6/+11
* rtspsrc: Properly error out if binding the UDP sockets failsSebastian Dröge2016-02-281-3/+14
* goom: Use goom_set_resolution() instead of recreating the goom instance when ...Sebastian Dröge2016-02-271-0/+1
* Revert "goom: Initialize the goom struct only once we know width/height and r...Sebastian Dröge2016-02-271-14/+9
* goom: Initialize the goom struct only once we know width/height and recreate ...Sebastian Dröge2016-02-271-9/+14
* Automatic update of common submoduleSebastian Dröge2016-02-261-0/+0
* docs: add rtpopusdepay and rtpopuspay to documentationTim-Philipp Müller2016-02-254-4/+75
* rtp: opus: move Opus RTP payloader/depayloader from -bad to -goodTim-Philipp Müller2016-02-256-0/+30
* Merge branch 'plugin-move-rtp-opus'Tim-Philipp Müller2016-02-254-0/+568
| * opus: Add proper support for multichannel audioSebastian Dröge2016-02-172-5/+6
| * opus: Copy metadata in the (de)payloader, but only the relevant onesSebastian Dröge2016-02-172-0/+59
| * opusdepay: Set multistream=FALSE on the Opus capsSebastian Dröge2016-02-171-2/+4
| * rtpopuspay: Forward stereo preferences from caps upstreamOlivier Crête2016-02-171-1/+64
| * rtpopuspay: Set the number of channels to 2 as per RFC draftOlivier Crête2016-02-171-0/+1
| * opus: Handle sprop-stereo and sprop-maxcapturerate RTP caps fieldsSebastian Dröge2016-02-172-1/+67
| * rtpopuspay: default encoding name to OPUSVincent Penquerc'h2016-02-171-2/+1
| * rtpopuspay: make caps writable before truncating themVincent Penquerc'h2016-02-171-1/+1
| * rtpopuspay: negotiate the encoding nameVincent Penquerc'h2016-02-171-1/+18
| * rtpopus: Use OPUS encoding nameNicolas Dufresne2016-02-172-2/+2
| * opuspay: fix timestampsWim Taymans2016-02-171-1/+10
| * Fix FSF addressTim-Philipp Müller2016-02-174-8/+8
| * opuspay: remove pointless caps serializationWim Taymans2016-02-171-7/+1
| * Use gst_element_class_set_static_metadata()Tim-Philipp Müller2016-02-172-2/+2