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doc: mention glibc bug 24269
* doc/grep.texi (Known Bugs): Mention glibc bug 24269. Merge formatting/URL changes from Gnulib regex.texi.
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@@ -1971,9 +1971,15 @@ and memory to explore. Also, the POSIX specification for
back-references is at times unclear. Furthermore, many regular
expression implementations have back-reference bugs that can cause
programs to return incorrect answers or even crash, and fixing these
-bugs has often been low-priority---for example, as of 2019 the GNU C
-library bug database contained back-reference bugs 52, 10844, 11053,
-and 25322, with little sign of forthcoming fixes. Luckily,
+bugs has often been low-priority: for example, as of 2020 the
+@url{,GNU C library bug database}
+contained back-reference bugs
+and @url{,,25322},
+with little sign of forthcoming fixes. Luckily,
back-references are rarely useful and it should be little trouble to
avoid them in practical applications.