BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.7bpo-37904: Edition on python tutorial - section 4 (GH-16169) (GH-16236)Miss Islington (bot)4 days
3.7Updated incorrect level-setting code to use setLevel(). (GH-16325) (GH-16326)Miss Islington (bot)11 hours
3.8Updated incorrect level-setting code to use setLevel(). (GH-16325) (GH-16327)Miss Islington (bot)11 hours
backport-8ed6503-3.8[3.8] bpo-38121: Sync importlib.metadata with 0.22 backport (GH-15993)Jason R. Coombs10 days
backport-ff023ed-3.8bpo-37879: Fix warnings in _testcapimodule (GH-16004)Petr Viktorin10 days
buildbot-custombpo-32592: Set Windows 8 as the minimum required version for API supportSteve Dower11 days
feature/putrequest-hooksbpo-36274: Add hooks for validating a URL and encoding a request such that cl...Jason R. Coombs9 days
masterbpo-38209: Simplify dataclasses.InitVar by using __class_getitem__(). (GH-16255)Serhiy Storchaka3 hours
revert-15895-named_tuple_conceptRevert "bpo-38096: Clean up the "struct sequence" / "named tuple" docs (GH-15...Raymond Hettinger10 days
travis-macOSRemove macOS tests from Travis.Benjamin Peterson13 days
v3.5.8rc1cpython-git-3.5.8rc1.tar.gz  Larry Hastings13 days
v3.8.0b4cpython-git-3.8.0b4.tar.gz  Łukasz Langa3 weeks
v3.8.0b3cpython-git-3.8.0b3.tar.gz  Łukasz Langa8 weeks
v3.7.4cpython-git-3.7.4.tar.gz  Ned Deily2 months
v3.8.0b2cpython-git-3.8.0b2.tar.gz  Łukasz Langa3 months
v3.6.9cpython-git-3.6.9.tar.gz  Ned Deily3 months
v3.7.4rc2cpython-git-3.7.4rc2.tar.gz  Ned Deily3 months
v3.6.9rc1cpython-git-3.6.9rc1.tar.gz  Ned Deily3 months
v3.7.4rc1cpython-git-3.7.4rc1.tar.gz  Ned Deily3 months
v3.8.0b1cpython-git-3.8.0b1.tar.gz  Łukasz Langa4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 hoursbpo-38209: Simplify dataclasses.InitVar by using __class_getitem__(). (GH-16255)HEADmasterSerhiy Storchaka1-5/+4
11 hoursUpdated incorrect level-setting code to use setLevel(). (GH-16325)Vinay Sajip2-6/+7
18 hoursShorter docstring (GH-16322)Raymond Hettinger2-4/+4
32 hoursDoc: Add whatsnew entry for loop.shutdown_default_executor() (GH-16308)Kyle Stanley1-0/+7
33 hoursDoc: Fix spelling errors of 'initial' in (GH-16314)HongWeipeng1-1/+1
33 hoursMinor code and comment cleanup (GH-16315)Raymond Hettinger1-1/+3
34 hoursbpo-38237: Make pow's arguments have more descriptive names and be keyword pa...Ammar Askar6-49/+73
38 hoursbpo-38234: Fix PyConfig_Read() when Py_SetPath() was called (GH-16298)Victor Stinner4-7/+21
38 hoursDoc: Remove provisional note for (GH-16310)Kyle Stanley1-2/+0
39 hoursbpo-38234: Remove _PyPathConfig.dll_path (GH-16307)Victor Stinner5-95/+85