BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Intreprid_stable_branchBug #298 - DLT messages will be created only in case respective log level is ...Jens Lorenz5 years
baserock/genivi/6.1-3-gba709ee-gdpAdd missing include to fix compile failure with GCC 7Sam Thursfield3 years
baserock/genivi/6.2010gf494c08-generated-headersAdd CommonAPI sources generated with CommonAPI 2.1.6 generatorAndrei Gherzan5 years
baserock/genivi/genivi-demo-platformAudioManagerPoC: add support for Wayland ivi-shellHolger Behrens5 years
baserock/jonathanmaw/genivi-demo-jetsonAudioManagerPoC: add support for Wayland ivi-shellHolger Behrens5 years
baserock/pedroalvarez/6.2-1-gf494c08Fix typo s/SOUCRES/SOURCES/gPedro Alvarez5 years
excalibur_stableBug 343 - daemon, compiler warnings, excalibur_stableThomas Göhring5 years
gemini_stableremove trace in serializer header (copy from main branch patch)Thomas Göhring5 years
incubation* Forgot to add the Daemonversion in cmake for plugins.Christian Linke5 years
mastersome cleanupChristian Linke4 years
7.4audiomanager-7.4.tar.gz  Christian Linke4 years
7.3audiomanager-7.3.tar.gz  Pau Espin Pedrol5 years
7.2audiomanager-7.2.tar.gz  Christian Linke5 years
7.1audiomanager-7.1.tar.gz  Christian Linke5 years
7.0audiomanager-7.0.tar.gz  Christian Linke5 years
6.2audiomanager-6.2.tar.gz  genius5 years
6.1audiomanager-6.1.tar.gz  Christian Linke6 years
6.0audiomanager-6.0.tar.gz  Christian Linke6 years
5.1audiomanager-5.1.tar.gz  Christian Linke6 years
5.0audiomanager-5.0.tar.gz  Christian Linke7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-10-16* Minor: life cycle old dbus predefined variable removed4.1Aleksandar Donchev1-1/+0
2013-10-16* Bug 123 fixed. Lambda expression compile issues with GCC >= 4.7.x specific...Aleksandar Donchev1-13/+13
2013-10-16* Bug 61 fixed. The plugins are built as module and SOVERSION is removed.Aleksandar Donchev6-24/+0
2013-10-14* Typo: Dbus address fixed.Aleksandar Donchev53-566/+638
2013-10-10* Typo: Dbus address fixed.Aleksandar Donchev11-40/+44
2013-10-10* Bug #120. In CAmSerializer fixed the asyncCall function with one ref argument.Aleksandar Donchev1-1/+26
2013-09-25* Every new connection ID is initilized with the next available number. Aleksandar Donchev5-71/+286
2013-09-25* made sure that CommonAPI stuff compiles with release 2.1Christian Linke56-3310/+10422
2013-09-12* adopted test to new logic of no change stuffChristian Linke2-13/+19
2013-09-12* corrected registerDomainChristian Linke13-34/+28