BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Riverace-6.2Removed not used memberJohnny Willemsen11 months
Riverace-6.3Removed not used memberJohnny Willemsen11 months
Riverace-6.4Removed not used memberJohnny Willemsen11 months
Riverace-6.5Removed not used memberJohnny Willemsen11 months
issue-748Remove trailing whitespace per fuzzSteve Huston7 months
masterMerge pull request #924 from mitza-oci/gnuace-custom-postbuildAdam Mitz4 days
news-taoNEWS for TAO_IDL changesAdam Mitz5 months
revert-742-jwi-senumRevert "Android NDK13 does ship a senum type, isn't usable, but ACE shouldn't...Johnny Willemsen7 months
revert-809-jwi-taoidlmemleakRevert "Fixed memory leak of annotation_appls_"Johnny Willemsen5 months
tao-orb-tests-typoFixed typo in tao_orb_tests.lstAdam Mitz6 weeks
ACE+TAO-6_5_5ACE+TAO-6_5_5.tar.gz  Johnny Willemsen2 months
Latest_BetaLatest_Beta.tar.gz  Johnny Willemsen2 months
Latest_MicroLatest_Micro.tar.gz  Johnny Willemsen2 months
ACE+TAO-6_5_4ACE+TAO-6_5_4.tar.gz  Johnny Willemsen5 months
ACE%2BTAO-6_5_4ACE%2BTAO-6_5_4.tar.gz  Johnny Willemsen5 months
ACE+TAO-6_5_3ACE+TAO-6_5_3.tar.gz  Johnny Willemsen7 months
ACE+TAO-6_5_2ACE+TAO-6_5_2.tar.gz  Johnny Willemsen9 months
ACE+TAO-6_5_1ACE+TAO-6_5_1.tar.gz  Johnny Willemsen10 months
ACE+TAO-6_5_0ACE+TAO-6_5_0.tar.gz  Johnny Willemsen12 months
Latest_MinorLatest_Minor.tar.gz  Johnny Willemsen12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysMerge pull request #924 from mitza-oci/gnuace-custom-postbuildHEADmasterAdam Mitz1-0/+2
4 daysMerge pull request #918 from iguessthislldo/igtd/tao_idl_fixesAdam Mitz7-724/+817
4 daysgnuace: custom-only project's postbuild needs to run after other stepsAdam Mitz1-0/+2
5 daysApply suggestions from by @mitza-ociFred Hornsey3-4/+4
5 daysMerge pull request #922 from jwillemsen/jwi-imrJohnny Willemsen2-15/+0
5 daysRemove handling of CORBA::TIMEOUT as part of the sendc_ping exception handlin...Johnny Willemsen2-15/+0
6 daysMerge pull request #921 from jwillemsen/jwi-imrJohnny Willemsen6-48/+97
6 daysWhen sendc fails with a timeout mark the server as timed outJohnny Willemsen1-1/+14
6 daysLogging enhancementsJohnny Willemsen2-8/+12
7 daysMake use of an atomic for the refcount instead of a full mutexJohnny Willemsen2-13/+18