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Add morph cross-bootstrap
Cross-bootstrap is a way to build baserock on an architecture that does not currently have Baserock. It can be used by `morph cross-bootstrap <ARCH> <REPO> <REF> <MORPH>`, and will build an artifact that can be used as a root filesystem with a basic build environment with a script named `native-bootstrap` which will build and install every chunk in the system. If done with a devel system, this will give you a suitable environment for building a proper Baserock system. This does not currently provide a kernel for the target architecture. Apart from adding the cross-bootstrap plugin, it also makes the following changes: * Moves the lit of valid_archs into morphlib (instead of locally-scoped in MorphologyFactory) * BuildCommand takes an extra argument, build_env * split BuildCommand's get_artifact_object into create_source_pool and resolve_artifacts (plus changes things that use get_artifact_object to use the new way) * setup_mounts finds out whether to do so by whether build_mode is 'staging', instead of by whether the setting 'staging-chroot' is true. * Makes ChunkBuilder's get_sources use the morphlib.builder2.extract_sources() method, and moved set_mtime_recursively into morphlib.builder2, since it's not currently used anywhere else. * moved ChunkBuilder's get_commands into the Morphology class (plus changes to anything that used get_commands)
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