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authorSam Thursfield <>2014-04-09 14:02:04 (GMT)
committerSam Thursfield <>2014-04-10 12:13:29 (GMT)
commitb772a26680895ecf102b524444623fc10c4d183d (patch)
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distbuild: Improve logging of connections and objects
New DistbuildSocket class that wraps socket.socket(), providing a descriptive repr() handler showing where the socket is connected, and providing a couple of helper methods for fetching local and remote endpoint names. This commit also adds a descriptive repr() handler to a few other objects (mostly giving socket connection details).
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diff --git a/distbuild-helper b/distbuild-helper
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--- a/distbuild-helper
+++ b/distbuild-helper
@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@ class DistributedBuildHelper(cliapp.Application):
addr = self.settings['parent-address']
port = self.settings['parent-port']
- conn = socket.socket()
+ conn = distbuild.create_socket()
conn.connect((addr, port))
helper = HelperMachine(conn)
helper.debug_messages = self.settings['debug-messages']