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authorSam Thursfield <>2015-03-11 10:53:19 (GMT)
committerSam Thursfield <>2015-03-11 10:55:04 (GMT)
commit7043159a12db08644153cfb3c5ec2f9f4724866e (patch)
parent68395a12c79c22e266b4a06095533e38da6e29d0 (diff)
yarns: Remove test for `morph foreach`
This test fails with latest Busybox. Since we plan on removing workspaces anyway, I don't see a reason to fix it. The `morph foreach` command does actually still work as expected. Morph's ./check test suite now passes again in a 'build' reference system built from commit 88eface4c72dab689bc409c77e209833a0acd038 or newer.
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diff --git a/yarns/branches-workspaces.yarn b/yarns/branches-workspaces.yarn
index a757822..27bddff 100644
--- a/yarns/branches-workspaces.yarn
+++ b/yarns/branches-workspaces.yarn
@@ -445,21 +445,8 @@ repositories referenced in the system branch.
THEN morph reports no outstanding changes in foo
FINALLY the git server is shut down
-`morph foreach`
-`morph foreach` runs a shell command in each of the git repos in a system
-branch checkout.
- SCENARIO morph foreach runs command in each git repo
- GIVEN a workspace
- AND a git server
- WHEN the user creates a system branch called foo
- AND the user edits the chunk test-chunk in branch foo
- AND running shell command in each repo in foo
- THEN morph ran command in test/morphs in foo
- AND morph ran command in test/test-chunk in foo
- FINALLY the git server is shut down
Generating a manifest works
diff --git a/yarns/implementations.yarn b/yarns/implementations.yarn
index 2557e2e..2bbb1f5 100644
--- a/yarns/implementations.yarn
+++ b/yarns/implementations.yarn
@@ -624,16 +624,6 @@ Reporting status of checked out repositories:
cd "$DATADIR/workspace/$MATCH_2/$(slashify_colons "$MATCH_1")"
git commit -a -m test-commit
-Running shell command in each checked out repository:
- IMPLEMENTS WHEN running shell command in each repo in (\S+)
- cd "$DATADIR/workspace/$MATCH_1"
- run_morph foreach -- pwd > "$DATADIR/morph.stdout"
- IMPLEMENTS THEN morph ran command in (\S+) in (\S+)
- grep -Fx "$MATCH_1" "$DATADIR/morph.stdout"
- grep -Fx "$DATADIR/workspace/$MATCH_2/$MATCH_1" "$DATADIR/morph.stdout"
Generating a manifest.
IMPLEMENTS GIVEN a system artifact