tag namebaserock-15.47.1 (022f7b84ac68d520395acdc9b5533123f85cb04a)
tag date2015-11-23 17:46:08 +0000
tagged byRichard Ipsum <>
tagged objectcommit 9ca2a6b17e...
Baserock release 15.47.1
A duplicate chunk manifested in the jetson bsp, this was undetected in the previous release (15.34) because the result of duplicate chunks is undefined in 15.34. The 15.47 release makes duplicate chunks an error, since the 15.47 jetson bsp contains duplicate chunks the 15.47 release cannot build itself on jetsons. To fix this we release 15.47.1 which removes the duplicated chunk, so that 15.47.1 can be built with 15.47 on jetsons.