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* Merge branch 'baserock/jjardon/llvm_33'Javier Jardón2014-10-091-0/+2
| * Move llvm to its own stratumJavier Jardón2014-10-061-0/+2
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/baserock/richardmaw/distbuild-fix'Richard Maw2014-10-0824-10/+48
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Split morph out of toolsbaserock/richardmaw/distbuild-fixRichard Maw2014-10-0224-10/+48
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/baserock/sam/distbuild-ansible-fix'Sam Thursfield2014-10-064-0/+24
|\ \
| * | Add Ansible and cloud-init to all distbuild systems to match x86_64Sam Thursfield2014-10-034-0/+24
| |/
* | Add a GENIVI baseline system for jetson TK1Pedro Alvarez2014-10-031-0/+45
* Move connman to its own stratumJavier Jardón2014-09-228-0/+16
* Add Ansible and Cloud-init to the distbuild systemPedro Alvarez2014-09-171-0/+5
* Add gerrit configuration extensionFrancisco Redondo Marchena2014-09-161-0/+1
* Add morphologies to install java and gerritFrancisco Redondo Marchena2014-09-161-0/+2
* Add cloudinit support to gerrit systemFrancisco Redondo Marchena2014-09-161-0/+3
* Add network-security stratum to gerrit-x86_64 systemFrancisco Redondo Marchena2014-09-161-0/+2
* Add network-security stratum to ceph-service stratum build dependenciesFrancisco Redondo Marchena2014-09-161-0/+2
* Add system and cluster minimal morphology to install gerritFrancisco Redondo Marchena2014-09-161-0/+25
* weston: Do not disable drm backendJavier Jardón2014-08-281-0/+2
* Move common input components from wayland-generic to input-common stratumJavier Jardón2014-08-282-0/+4
* Move common graphics components from wayland-generic to an independent stratumJavier Jardón2014-08-282-0/+4
* Move weston to its own stratumJavier Jardón2014-08-282-0/+4
* Build only one wayland independent of the architectureJavier Jardón2014-08-282-4/+4
* Re-organise definitions with scripts/organise-morphologies.pyGENIVI-I0.1baserock/release/GENIVI-I0.1Richard Maw2014-08-1850-0/+1271