path: root/strata/x-generic
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* Enable glx in xserver buildTristan Van Berkom2015-10-111-1/+1
* Build xserverJavier Jardón2015-08-231-1/+0
* Move XCB libraries to x-common and update to latest stable (0.4.x)Javier Jardon2015-04-271-9/+0
* xserver.morph: build minimal xserver with only the XWayland binaryJavier Jardón2015-01-291-0/+5
* xserver.morph: Enable XWayland supportJavier Jardón2015-01-291-1/+4
* xserver.morph: Build with --disable-glxJavier Jardón2014-11-241-1/+1
* strata/x-generic.morph: make this stratum depend on graphics-commonJavier Jardón2014-09-171-5/+0
* Do not build the same mesa in different strata, move to its own stratumJavier Jardón2014-08-281-21/+0
* Build a unique mesa with wayland and x11 supportJavier Jardón2014-08-281-2/+2
* Re-organise definitions with scripts/organise-morphologies.pyGENIVI-I0.1baserock/release/GENIVI-I0.1Richard Maw2014-08-184-0/+40