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* Remove all .morph files and files from the old formatJavier Jardón2017-12-121-140/+0
* Fix several implicitly transitive build-dependencies in devel-system.Daniel Firth2016-11-281-0/+1
* Update cryptography and cffi (fix broken build)Paul Sherwood2016-05-121-4/+4
* Put quotes around all unpetrify-ref that could be interpreted as numbersPaul Sherwood2016-02-281-1/+1
* Move jsonschema into python2-coreRichard Ipsum2015-11-191-5/+0
* openstack-common: Upgrade eventlet and greenletPedro Alvarez2015-11-091-4/+4
* Migrate to definitions format version 6Sam Thursfield2015-08-261-0/+21
* Reformat all definitions according to a consistent styleSam Thursfield2015-07-191-2/+2
* babel: Don't include the date in the version numberAdam Coldrick2015-07-031-3/+4
* Fix unpretrify typo in openstack-commonPaul Sherwood2015-06-121-1/+1
* Use a version of Babel with Unicode CLDR includedPedro Alvarez2015-06-111-2/+6
* OpenStack: Upgrade components to KiloPedro Alvarez2015-06-111-12/+18
* Use swift stratum instead of having swift inside openstack-servicesFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-05-051-0/+14
* Do not use 'build-depends' chunk parameter when it's empthy (and change to ve...baserock/jjardon/no_build_depends_fixJavier Jardón2015-03-061-12/+0
* Revert "Do not use 'build-depends' chunk parameter when it's empthy (and chan...Javier Jardón2015-03-061-0/+12
* Do not use 'build-depends' chunk parameter when it's empthy (and change to ve...baserock/jjardon/no_build_dependsJavier Jardón2015-03-061-12/+0
* Fix openstack-common dependencybaserock/franred/fix-openstack-chunk-duplicityFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-03-031-1/+1
* Remove argparse chunk because is included in python packageFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-03-031-8/+1
* Add openstack-common and update openstack-clientsFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-03-031-0/+117