path: root/strata/bsp-x86_64-generic/linux-x86-64-generic.morph
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Add dependency for XT_MATCH_PHYSDEVbaserock/richardipsum/openstack-ceilometerFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-02-061-0/+1
* Add all the kernel configuration needed for NetfilterPedro Alvarez2015-02-061-0/+97
* Enable all IP_SET configuration in the kernelFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-02-051-0/+15
* Add xt_set kernel supportFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-02-031-0/+2
* REVIEW THIS: iproute2 support nice to have in the kernelFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-02-031-0/+3
* Add support for KVM in intel machinesFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-281-0/+1
* Fix typo when adding IP_NF_RAW config in the kernelFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-231-1/+1
* Add VXLAN support in kernel needed for openvswitchFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-231-0/+1
* Enable all the IP_NF kernel supportFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-221-0/+13
* Add kernel support for E1000E ethernet driver and external USB ethernetFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-221-0/+3
* Replace NAT kernel driver nameFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-221-1/+1
* Enable virtual ethernet moduleFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-221-0/+1
* Add Openvswitch kernel modulesFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-221-0/+9
* Add NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_ADDRTYPE and NETFILTER_ADVANCED modulesFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-221-0/+2
* Enable ebtables in the kernel and netfilter as its dependencyFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-221-0/+2
* Add Network Block Device to the kernelFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-01-221-0/+1
* Add VLAN configuration to kernelsRichard Maw2014-11-141-0/+2
* Enalbe Hotplug support in the kernel of x86 systemsPedro Alvarez2014-09-191-0/+2
* Re-organise definitions with scripts/organise-morphologies.pyGENIVI-I0.1baserock/release/GENIVI-I0.1Richard Maw2014-08-181-0/+99