path: root/strata/bsp-jetson/linux-jetson-tk1.morph
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* strata/bsp-jetson.morph: Upgrade Linux kernel to 4.2jjardon/jetson_4_2Javier Jardón2015-09-131-7/+0
* bsp: Add DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCESRichard Maw2015-05-181-0/+1
* Upgrade jetson to 4.0James Thomas2015-04-301-0/+5
* Add kernel modules for FUSE and overlayfsSam Thursfield2015-04-221-0/+2
* Enable ISCSI kernel supportFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-04-071-0/+17
* Enable netfilter support in kernelsFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-04-071-0/+98
* Enable ipset kernel configurationFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-04-071-0/+17
* Enable iproute2 support to kernelsFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-04-071-0/+3
* Enable all the IP_NF kernel supportFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-04-071-0/+13
* Enable virtual ethernet support in kernelsFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-04-071-0/+1
* Enable Open vSwitch kernel supportFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-04-071-0/+10
* Enable ebtables in kernelsFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-04-011-0/+4
* Enable Network Block Device support in kernelsFrancisco Redondo Marchena2015-04-011-0/+1
* Enable xfs support in kernelsPatrick Darley2015-04-011-0/+2
* kernel: Enable LVM snapshot capabilitySam Thursfield2015-03-181-0/+1
* Merge branch 'baserock/pedroalvarez/unify-jetson-kernel'Richard Maw2014-11-171-0/+2
* Use only one bsp for both the devel and genivi systemsJames Thomas2014-11-131-0/+71