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* Use 2 spaces for indent in all .morph filesSam Thursfield2015-08-261-43/+41
| | | | | | | | | This was generated with the migrations/indent script. Having consistent indent is nice, and also reduces churn when running migrations scripts. There should be no functional changes here. Change-Id: I75616f2750d4ac80279c30d463571871e0fac02b
* Update ceph.configure to facilitate cluster deploymentsPatrick Darley2015-08-231-0/+57
The changes include: - Updating the osd script for osd activation on first boot. - Allow the systemd units to run on boots subsequent to the first. - Adjust the disk location in the osd deployment script. - Add option to add client.admin.keyring at deploy time. Being deployed with key allows each node of the cluster administrative privelage from firstboot. - Allow OSD storage device location to be set at deploy time. Change-Id: Ibfd4db24b0ad946c551a8bdfe7d60d10a9ea687f