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* Replace the Freedesktop SDK with a much smaller Alpine Linux toolchainsam/bootstrap-wipSam Thursfield2017-06-166-49/+12
* Use new host-arches conditional in base import elementsSam Thursfield2017-06-142-2/+2
* Fix up conversion of elixir.bstSam Thursfield2017-06-141-1/+1
* project.conf: Fix spelling in commentSam Thursfield2017-06-141-1/+1
* Fix erlang `make install` targetSam Thursfield2017-05-251-1/+1
* project.conf: Set a more accurate name for the projectSam Thursfield2017-05-251-4/+1
* Remove unneeded 'collect' keyword in script elementsSam Thursfield2017-05-242-4/+0
* Fix build of GitSam Thursfield2017-05-241-1/+1
* Fix wrong name for 'modulebuild' elementsSam Thursfield2017-05-243-3/+3
* Fix reference to missing variable %{make-install}Sam Thursfield2017-05-242-2/+2
* Add deployment target for devel-systemSam Thursfield2017-05-2421-50/+187
* Add elements from OpenStack systemsSam Thursfield2017-05-24209-0/+3699
* convert: Add openstack-system to the list of things we importSam Thursfield2017-05-241-0/+7
* Add initramfs elementsSam Thursfield2017-05-243-0/+33
* Remove redundant initramfs build instructionsSam Thursfield2017-05-242-10/+0
* Add 'files/initramfs/' from commit 'e5c71f0ca075bd29ffd55ec0c25804585bc21046'Sam Thursfield2017-05-244-0/+201
| * Add systemd shutdownramfs supportRichard Maw2015-05-192-1/+67
| * Convert build-system to autotools-likeRichard Maw2015-05-193-5/+10
| * Support rootwait (enabled by default)Richard Maw2015-03-311-25/+43
| * Drop into /bin/sh on failureRichard Maw2015-03-261-1/+1
| * Add initial version of initramfs scriptRichard Maw2014-06-022-0/+112
* Manually fix xml-catalog.bst post-install commandsSam Thursfield2017-05-241-1/+1
* Add the newly converted-to-BuildStream definitionsSam Thursfield2017-05-24782-0/+13447
* convert: Handle some more systemsSam Thursfield2017-05-241-1/+61
* Update project configSam Thursfield2017-05-231-1/+1
* convert: UpdatesSam Thursfield2017-05-231-2/+2
* Use elements/ not components/ for consistency with buildstream-tests repoSam Thursfield2017-05-231-3/+3
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'buildstream-tests/gnu-toolchain' into sam/build...Sam Thursfield2017-05-2332-0/+1375
| * Reworking the gnu toolchain projectTristan Van Berkom2017-04-118-56/+53
| * Moved all elements under the elements directoryTristan Van Berkom2017-03-2231-0/+2
| * Renamed build-essential to gnu-toolchainTristan Van Berkom2017-03-2133-132/+132
| * Upgrade build-essential to the baserock new usr merge approach.Tristan Van Berkom2017-02-2218-2/+27
| * Incoprorating /usr merge effected in upstream baserockTristan Van Berkom2017-02-212-4/+4
| * stage2.bst: Adding missing fake bash element dependencyTristan Van Berkom2017-02-211-0/+1
| * Place /tools at the end of PATH for the final stage3 builds.Tristan Van Berkom2017-02-1611-11/+11
| * Files in final stage build-essential need /tools/sbin in PATHTristan Van Berkom2017-02-1411-11/+11
| * Merge branch 'pedro/dont-use-ssh-urls' into 'build-essential' Tristan Van Berkom2017-02-141-2/+2
| |\
| | * Don't use ssh urls in the aliases when not neededPedro Alvarez2017-02-131-2/+2
| |/
| * Manual conversion of Baserock's build-essential stratumTristan Van Berkom2017-02-0335-84/+1305
| * Remove "V" environment setting from project configurationTristan Van Berkom2017-02-011-1/+0
| * gnome-sdk.bst: Architecture conditional ostree import sourceTristan Van Berkom2017-01-261-6/+15
| * gnome-platform.bst: Architecture conditional ostree import sourceTristan Van Berkom2017-01-261-6/+15
| * Added integration commands for the platform and SDKTristan Van Berkom2017-01-252-0/+11
| * Removing glade.bst, this has no place in a gedit build demo.Tristan Van Berkom2017-01-251-17/+0
| * gedit.bst: Removed some unneeded customizations, we can build with introspect...Tristan Van Berkom2017-01-251-7/+1
| * gtksourceview: new refTristan Van Berkom2017-01-251-1/+1
| * New GNOME platform refTristan Van Berkom2017-01-251-1/+1
| * New GNOME sdk refTristan Van Berkom2017-01-251-1/+1
| * project.conf: Some custom environments for building flatpaksTristan Van Berkom2017-01-251-1/+3
| * fixupTristan Van Berkom2017-01-191-1/+1