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+ * PARTITION_FILE=path: path to a YAML partition specification to use for
+ producing partitioned disks or devices. The default specification is
+ 'partitioning/default' in definitions, which specifies a device with a
+ single partition. This may serve as an example of the format of this
+ file, or check the documentation in pyfdisk.README.
+ In addition to the features available in, using this
+ extension, a list of 'raw_files' items can be added at the partition
+ level, or the top level of the partition specification. This specifies
+ files to be written directly to the target device or image using `dd`
+ start_offset: 2048
+ partition_table_format: mbr
+ partitions:
+ - description: boot
+ filesystem: none
+ ...
+ raw_files:
+ - file: boot/uboot.img
+ raw_files:
+ - file: boot/uboot-env.img
+ offset_bytes: 512
+ - file: boot/preloader.bin
+ skip_bytes: 128
+ count_bytes: 16K
+ * Files are written consecutively in the order they are listed, and
+ sourced from the unpacked root filesystem image
+ * Files can be given a specific offset with 'offset_sectors' or
+ 'offset_bytes'
+ * With 'raw_files' specified inside a partition, 'offset_sectors' or
+ 'offset_bytes' is counted from the start of that partition,
+ otherwise from the start of the device.
+ * For files without an explicit offset, the next file is written
+ starting with the next free byte following the previous file
+ * Providing an offset is optional for all files
+ * Specifying 'skip_bytes' will set the 'skip=' option for dd, skipping
+ a number of bytes at the start of the input file
+ * Specifying 'count_bytes' sets the 'count=' option for dd
+ * For properties which take an input in bytes, a human-readable
+ multiplier can be used, e.g. K, M, G (integer multiplicands only)
+ * USE_PARTITIONING=boolean (default: yes) Use this flag to override
+ partitioning, to produce disk images or devices which only contain a
+ filesystem.
(See `morph help deploy` for details of how to pass parameters to write