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Update the version of morph in definitions
This gets the following changes: 2579391 buildsystem: Comment strip command 7f2ccd3 sourceresolver: Support version 5 c80c676 Set PYTHONPATH when running deployment extensions d95bd9e cachekey/builder: Use and cache strip commands acdc5ce sourceresolver: Use versioned morphology loader afee581 morphloader: Smoke test strip command inclusion 600f264 morphloader: Allow build-system lookup to be customised de977c0 morphloader: When given definitions v5, include strip commands 15da1e3 buildsystems: Add strip commands 0feb10b sourceresolver: Re-order method definitions in use order 4ceaa8c sourceresolver: Pass all hidden state 117413f Fix test suite d8e7abe CacheKeyComputer: Only attempt to include commands present in morphology 0ed681e morphloader: Hoist buildsystem lookup outside of loops 22232a8 morphloader: Add test-commands to key order 7f3b39d sourceresolver: bind util.sanitise_morphology_path 8101068 sourceresolver: Remove cache_repo_locally 4ed27e0 sourceresolver: Use context managers for cleanup and cache writeback d873baa morphlib: Use new temp_dir helper context manager 061834b morphlib.util: Add temp_dir context manager eb3eb47 sourceresolver: Pass build system directly to morphology creation e7027e5 Add separate_mount_namespace kwarg to ext runner 56c7db5 Do not call str() on None types in sanitize_env 7929082 Ignore the configuration extensions when generating the cache-key 501181a Use keystoneclient python api in openstack.check 9a831cc deploy: Don't imply --upgrade in subsystems 87bfac4 morph deploy: Allow overriding UPGRADE in definition or on command line 4ce4366 Ignore --upgrade flag rather than exiting 05b2b06 Move 'git config' wrapper into its own class 5387806 check: Allow yarns to be run with --snapshot 4e07f7e yarns: Fix typo in cross-bootstrap yarn 31ddf5d yarns: Add a test for `morph list-artifacts` 8eef287 yarns: Add a test for `morph certify` 4dcc23b yarns: Add a test for `morph generate-manifest-csv` 6fd766d generate-manifest-csv: Catch NoRemote error when cloning lorries repo f72b4dc Give exact filename when an artifact is not found in the cache. 5dd1f23 Use protocol to validate incoming requests ddef6ab Disable WC exec-output messages in log by default 88967bf Disable logging of build output by default c373f5a Bump supported definitions version to version 4 4131947 distbuild: Handle errors from socket 8625124 distbuild: Condense Initiator class to remove unnecessary duplication 2c2b113 Add .gitreview file 2607fa3 Fix crash in handling of recursive submodules Change-Id: Ib7e2db60a9ec4f6196e6a4b4ecd53ed9b0b0c3cc
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