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authorRichard Maw <>2014-08-19 09:59:44 (GMT)
committerRichard Maw <>2014-08-19 15:49:03 (GMT)
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Use file: URI for list-artifacts in release-upload
This requires the script be run in the top of the definitions repository, but will actually try to upload the changes that were tested, rather than the current HEAD.
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diff --git a/scripts/release-upload b/scripts/release-upload
index d7ba870..273f9ed 100755
--- a/scripts/release-upload
+++ b/scripts/release-upload
@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ class BuildArtifactPublisher(object):
# FIXME: These are hardcoded for simplicity. They would be
# possible to deduce automatically from the workspace, but
# that can happen later.
- repo = 'baserock:baserock/definitions'
+ repo = 'file://%s' % os.path.abspath('.')
ref = 'HEAD'
argv = [self.settings['morph-cmd'], 'list-artifacts', '--quiet', repo, ref]