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Manual conversion of Baserock's build-essential stratum
This huge commit is a manual conversion, notes on what was needed: o project.conf defines the arch specific stuff which was previously hardcoded into YBD, so the stage1 target and target etc are all defined by the build-essential project.conf o Direct and easy changes for git source representation o Added stage1.bst & stage2.bst "stacks", everything built in stage2 build-depends on stage1.bst, and the final build-essential products build-depend on stage2.bst (note build-depend means to depend _only_ for building, not propagated forward). o Instead of using host tools we build on the GNOME flatpak sdk/platform bundles o Some build-essential morph files use $(dirname $(pwd)) for a sysroot, which is weird, it means the morph files rely on building at one directory below the slash sysroot - in buildstream we build in /buildstream/build which is two - had to replace these with $(dirname $(dirname $(pwd))) instead o Remove the devices sections from the fhs-dirs elements, not allowed to create static device nodes in buildstream.
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diff --git a/project.conf b/project.conf
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--- a/project.conf
+++ b/project.conf
@@ -1,21 +1,53 @@
-# Gedit text editor flatpakish build demo
+# Building baserock build-essential in BuildStream
-name: gedit
+name: build-essential
- gnome: git://
+ upstream: ssh://
+ baserock: ssh://
+ gnomesdk:
-# We're gonna eventually try to build a flatpak,
-# so lets start trying to override the environment
-# in the appropriate ways.
- prefix: /app
+ cpu: "%{bst-arch}"
+ abi: gnu
+ target-stage1: "%{cpu}-bootstrap-linux-%{abi}"
+ target: "%{cpu}-baserock-linux-%{abi}"
- CFLAGS: "-O2 -g"
- CXXFLAGS: "-O2 -g"
- PATH: /app/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin
- PKG_CONFIG_PATH: /app/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig
- XDG_DATA_DIRS: /app/share:/usr/share
- GI_TYPELIB_PATH: /app/lib/girepository-1.0:/usr/lib/girepository-1.0
+# Resolve the cpu and ABI portions of the host triple based
+# on archetecture names.
+ x86_32:
+ variables:
+ cpu: i686
+ armv5l:
+ variables:
+ abi: gnueabi
+ armv7b:
+ variables:
+ abi: gnueabi
+ armv7l:
+ variables:
+ abi: gnueabi
+ armv7lhf:
+ variables:
+ abi: gnueabi
+ armv8l64:
+ variables:
+ cpu: aarch64
+ armv8b64:
+ variables:
+ cpu: aarch64_be
+ mips64b:
+ variables:
+ cpu: mips64
+ abi: gnuabi64
+ mips64l:
+ variables:
+ cpu: mips64el
+ mips32b:
+ variables:
+ cpu: mips
+ mips32l:
+ variables:
+ cpu: mipsel