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Add example cluster morph for upgrading an existing devel system
Many users will have downloaded images from and set them up manually, so do not have an existing cluster morphology to upgrade with. This gives them a hint on how to use the Baserock upgrade mechanism. You can only use this mechanism from Baserock 14 onwards.
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+name: upgrade-devel
+kind: cluster
+description: |
+ This is a cluster morphology that can be used to deploy systems to a
+ an existing Baserock devel system, as an upgrade of the running system.
+ This method is for users who deployed a system manually from one of the
+ images provided on IT IS ONLY POSSIBLE TO
+ If you deployed your system using `morph deploy` then you should reuse the
+ cluster morphology you did the initial deployment with, instead of this one,
+ so that the configuration is preserved in the new system.
+ Ensure that your root user has passwordless SSH access to localhost with
+ `ssh root@localhost whoami`. If not, run `ssh-copy-id root@localhost`.
+ Make sure the 'morph' field below matches the system you are upgrading.
+ To upgrade, fill in $HOSTNAME and $VERSION_LABEL below and run:
+ morph deploy --upgrade upgrade-devel.morph
+ Alternatively, you can delete those two configuration lines and run:
+ morph deploy --upgrade upgrade-devel.HOSTNAME=$HOSTNAME upgrade-devel.VERSION_LABEL=$YYYY-MM-DD
+ Your configuration in /etc should be propagated to the new system, but there
+ may be merge conflicts. Check /etc for files named '.rej' and '.orig' in the
+ new system, which will indicate that there are changes from the old system
+ that must be merged manually. You can get a nice diff from the old /etc as
+ follows:
+ mount /dev/sda /mnt
+ git diff --no-index /mnt/systems/factory/run/etc /mnt/systems/$VERSION_LABEL/run/etc
+ On a base system, use 'diff -r' instead of 'git diff --no-index'. It will
+ not be as colourful.
+- morph: devel-system-x86_64-generic
+ deploy:
+ upgrade-devel:
+ type: ssh-rsync
+ location: root@localhost